March 2019. There is a monkey in Ella's Bed!

There is never a dull moment, including for Ella, even when fast asleep, supposedly locked in her dark room at the end of a long corridor.

I was in my rooftop room, locked in, with the rooftop door also locked up for the night. It was mid-morning and I was awake and had been suffering from the early hours with terrible diarrhoea and sickness. I am not normally sick, but yesterday was exhausting, 39 degrees and I am not sure what I ate, but something! Normally these bugs are evacuated quickly from my body and I am fine again the next day.

Suddenly the phone rang and the man from reception asked me to unlock the roof and leave the door
open. A monkey was in the stairway and they were chasing it up and out. I pulled myself up and duly opened the door. I spotted the monkey sitting on the stairs and I retreated to my room, closing the door behind me so he could not come and visit. Soon the lads from the hotel came onto the roof and chased the money away, onto someone else’s roof. I flopped back into bed and slept for a few hours, waking now and then to wonder how Ella was.

When I finally caught up with Ella, she had a great tale! The monkey had woken her up by opening her door and coming straight into her room. Now, this was not one of those sweet gentle black faced monkeys, but a big red-faced monkey. She woke, confused, thinking,

“Holy S***! There’s a monkey”!

Next thing she knew the monkey had jumped onto her bed as she covered her half naked body with the quilt and cowered away saying “Nice monkey, sweet monkey, be good monkey”.

But her new roommate was not good. He came for her, touching her arms and clucking his mouth and baring his big teeth. Ella just did not know what to do, was checking her exits, in her mostly naked state. Finally, the monkey tried biting her leg though the quilt.

“Bad monkey. Stop it. Oi monkey! NO!”, she tried kicking him away.

Soon the room boy appeared, and whilst he was probably delighted by the sight of Ella’s half naked self, he told her to run and hide in the bathroom.

She legged it, in her pants, giving her saviour the room boy, a glimpse of something never to forget, and locked herself to safety. Thankfully, there was a towel in the bathroom!

Thank goodness for the quilt that protected her slender legs, even if her dignity was in shatters!

So, the pesky monkey had a great time playing with her mobile phone, tipping over her half-drunk tea from the night before, and spilling her tobacco everywhere. It stole her top and made a great big mess of her room.

She stayed in the bathroom until the phone rang — somehow the room boys had chased it out, and up the stairway towards me!

The room boy brought back her top, rather sheepishly! How embarrassed he looked as he smiled about the incident later on!

Dear Ella, there I have been, telling her about the dangers of overly curious men and boys, whilst omitting to tell her about how to chase away the monkeys! Perhaps we should go out and buy some big bamboo sticks!

Anyway, we all lived to tell the tale.

(Photos from a couple of years ago in Pushkar of the more friendly black faced monkeys)